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Extra Resources

Best Practice Resource
  1. OMAFRA has developed a number of Factsheets that review the strategic planning process
  2. See Thomas Plant (2008) published by Municipal World, “Strategic Planning for Municipalities”
  1. The Center for Rural Leadership: Offers agricultural and rural leadership programs, including the Advanced Agricultural Leadership Program (AALP).
  2. Energize! has a comprehensive list of online resources for fostering community volunteering.
  3. Guidelines to Form an Advisory Group by Carter McNamara. Available from the Free Management Library online, This website also offers information on how to recruit volunteers and a variety of other capacity building activities.
  4. John Adair offers training and multiple written works on how to develop leaders. His works are available online at
Community Engagement
  1. Health Canada has developed a guide for public participation: pdf/pub_policy_partic_e.pdf
Financial Capital See Page 42
  1. “Exploring Your New Farm Dream: Is Starting an Agriculture Business Right for You?” program by Farm Start. Available at
  2. Business Development for Farm Businesses program
  3. The Community Improvement Planning Handbook 2008 published by OMAFRA. Available from http://
Adaptation to Change
  1. Canada-Ontario Immigration Agreement provides funding for initiatives developed by Immigration Attraction Committees and the Regional Newcomer Employment Networks (RNEN) program
  2. Transition Town handbook provides strategies and examples of community transitions shop/the-transition-handbook/
  3. Gateway Rural Health Research Centre connects researchers, physicians, and rural populations
Learning from Experience
  1. OMAFRA delivers a number of support programs, including the First Impressions Community Exchange, which allows communities to use the value of first impressions to improve their look. firstimpressions.htm
  2. For more OMAFRA programs, visit
  3. W.K. Kellogg Foundation Evaluation Handbook provides a thorough overview of program evaluation



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