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Funding Opportunities

Provincial Funding Programs

In this section you will fund funding opportunities from the Provincial and Federal governments that you can consider for various initiatives in your community.

Agency Program Who is Eligible Description Funding Website
Rural Economic Development (RED) Program
Alliances outside large urban centres between:
  • Individuals,
  • businesses,
  • NGO's
  • Municipalities.
This program assists partnerships that aim to breathe new life into rural communities, make more opportunities to develop skills, and improve access to health care.

The objectives of the RED program are to:

  • Create diversified business climates in rural Ontario
  • The creation and retention of long-term jobs
  • A strategic and coordinated local and regional approach to
    economic development
  • The creation of alliances and partnerships
  • The development of information, tools and resources to
    enhance rural economic development
Up to 50% of the project's eligible costs in most cases.
OMAFRA Sector Initiatives Fund (SIF) Trade and professional associations, representative employer groups, and unions. This is a funding program designed to help industry sectors and organizations to develop training programs, materials and standards for their workforces. For example, the program covers:
  • Sector-focused curriculum development
  • Development of occupational standards
  • Development of innovative training materials
  • Development of certification, testing, accreditation programs/
  • Pilot testing of materials/programs
Up to 50% of eligible project costs not exceeding $250,000 Link
OMAFRA Growing Forward Initiatives generally targets agricultural producers Under the Growing Forward initiative, the federal and provincial governments provide grants and cost-sharing opportunities for projects in agricultural best-practices, innovation and science. The best practices component helps improve performance in four key areas:
  • Environment and Climate Change
  • Food Safety and Traceability
  • Business Development
  • Biosecurity

The Innovation and Science component includes a variety of initiatives including a Farm Innovation Program that provides funding innovation in new on-farm technologies

Grants and cost- sharing opportunities varies depending on the project Link
OMAFRA Ontario Market Investment Fund (OMIF) Strategic Partnerships between:
  • Individual
  • Businesses
  • NGO's
  • Municipalities
A 4-year $12 million provincial initiative launched to promote consumer awareness of Ontario-produced foods and encourage Ontarians to buy locally. The fund assists with a number of expenditures including but not limited to:
  • Market research designed to increase understanding of consumer and trade channel demands and sector capabilities
  • Advertising and promotional materials
  • Project management costs related to the delivery of the project
Up to 50% of eligible project costs not exceeding $100,000 Link
OMAFRA Alternative Renewable Fuels 'Plus' Research and Development Fund
  • Municipalities
  • Community Organizations
The objectives of the Alternative Renewable Fuels 'Plus' Research and Development Fund are to fund research that will:
  • Ensure continuous improvement in the alternative renewable fuels industry products and processes and manufacturing, using Ontario agriculture-based feedstocks. Promote agricultural value-added opportunities in the bioproducts and alternative renewable fuels industry in Ontario;
  • assist Ontario alternative renewable fuels facilities to be major participants in the worldwide alternative renewable fuels and biobased industries.
Maximum funding for a single project is $200,000 with no more than $100,000 paid in any year.

These amounts include a maximum allowable overhead charge of 40%

Northern Ontario Heritage Fund Corporati on (NOHFC) Northern Ontario Entrepreneur Program Residents in Northern Ontario who plan to start their own business The NOHFC's Northern Ontario Entrepreneur Program aims to mobilize and motivate entrepreneurs and community builders in Northern Ontario to secure a prosperous economy and foster long term job growth. The funding provided can go towards such costs as purchasing furniture, fixtures and equipment to get the business going. Conditional grant up to 50% of eligible costs, not exceeding $125,000 Link
NOHFC Enterprises North Job Creation Program Small and medium sized businesses in Northern Ontario that are positioned to succeed The NOHFC's Enterprises North Job Creation Program supports initiatives aimed at creating jobs and positioning small and medium- sized businesses for success. The program focuses on businesses related to agriculture, telecommunications, manufacturing, technology etc. with funds available for marketing, land servicing, new equipment and capital construction costs. Conditional grants and loans up to 50% of eligible costs not exceeding $1 million. The grant cannot exceed one-half of the total funding Link
NOHFC Northern Energy Program Northern businesses and non-profit organizations The NOHFC's Northern Energy Program is designated to help northern organizations to capitalize on energy opportunities, pursue clean alternative and reduce their demand on external energy sources. The program has four distinct elements

Renewable Energy Planning – funding technical studies required to secure financing for renewable energy projects

Renewable Energy Capital Cost-Differential Assistance – funding the extra capital costs associated with developing renewable energy in Northern Ontario versus other parts of Ontario

New Internal Energy Generation Projects – funding projects that generate energy internally and reduce demand on external energy sources

Energy Conservation Pilot Projects – funding businesses and non-profit organizations that promote conservation efforts that can improve energy conservation

Renewable Energy Planning - 50 per cent of eligible project costs up to a maximum of $100,000.

Renewable Energy Capital Assistance - 50 percent of eligible project costs up to a maximum of $1 million.

New Internal Energy Generation Projects – 50 per cent of eligible project costs up to a maximum of $250,000.

Energy Conservation Pilot Projects - 50 per cent of eligible project costs up to a maximum of $500,000

Govern-ment of Ontario Community Power Fund
  • Not-for profits
  • co-operatives
  • First Nations
The Community Power Fund is administered arms-length from the Provincial Government and supports project development activities of Ontario-based community organizations pursuing local wind, solar PV, solar thermal, biogas, small-hydro and geo-thermal renewable energy projects. The Fund is divided between grants for feasibility studies (small) and project implementation (large). Pre-Feasibility Study – up to a $5,000 grant

Feasibility Study – Up to a $25,000 grant

Project Implementation – Maximum grant varies by renewable technology ($50,000 to $300,000

Ontario Trillium Founda-tion Community Program
  • Not-for-profits
  • charitable organization
  • First Nation
  • Small municipalities (<20,000)
The Ontario Trillium Foundation provides funding to projects and programs that enhance the quality of life in communities. The OTF accepts grant applications in the following four broad sectors:

Arts and Culture – Initiatives that expand community access and involvement, building community capacity to support activities in arts and culture and recognize the role this sector plays in stimulating economic activity

Environment – Initiatives that protect and restore the environment or that increases awareness of our vital relationship with the ecosystem

Human and Social Services – Initiatives that encourage civic participation, recognize diversity and promote healthy and safe communities

Sports and Recreation – Initiatives that support a wide range of sports, leisure and recreation programs so that people of all ages and abilities can participate in community activities

There are three types of grants available:

Operating grants – to a maximum of five years per application

Project grants – to a maximum of five years per application

Capital grants – one grant per application

Total amount of grants vary on type of application and type of grant. See website for more information

Ministry of Energy and Infrastru-cture Community Energy Partnership Program
  • Residents
  • charitable organizations
  • Not-for-profits
  • co-ops
Launched in step with the Green Energy Act and managed through the Ontario Power Authority, the Community Energy Partnership program provides on-time grants to support with the ?soft? costs associated with initiating a renewable energy project. Examples of eligible ?soft? costs under the program would include:
  • Site Control and site survey studies
  • Resource assessment studies
  • Environmental and engineering studies
A one-time grant up to $200,000 per project. Link
Ministry of Tourism Tourism Development Fund
  • Development Fund
  • Municipalities
  • First Nations
  • Other organizations established by legislation
The Ministry of Tourism and Culture supports investment attraction, product and experience development and industry capacity building. The Tourism Development Fund aims to:
  • Support the creation or revitalization of tourism attractions, sites and experiences
  • Support innovative product development for emerging sectors that have demonstrated market potential
  • Enhance the quality of tourism services, businesses and practices through training
  • Assist with tourism planning and capacity support to ensure that the tourism industry is well positioned to make future strategic decisions, address issues and opportunities, and improve its image as an economic driver for the province
  • Assist communities with investment readiness, investor relations, investment attraction and communications.
The funding level is determined on a case-by-case basis Link



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