Quality of Life



Quality of Life

The small towns that were involved in this study are well aware that community economic development means much more than simple economic growth.

In many ways it is difficult to put a monetary value on the important aspects of our communities that we want to hold onto, including social connections, natural beauty, and cultural heritage. However, when the communities we worked with put community economic development into practice, it often meant:

  • making sure that young people were connected to their community throughout their lives and had opportunities to settle there if they so desired
  • providing safe and comfortable spaces for the aging population
  • securing meaningful employment for residents
  • engaging the community in important decisions that affected their lives
  • ensuring a welcoming atmosphere for both new and established enterprises
  • celebrating tradition and culture
  • relying on skilled and passionate volunteers to get things done

Many of those profiled in this study were guided by the principles of sustainability and creativity. Although they were put into practice in different ways, they were important ways for communities to understand community economic development, and what it would mean for their future.



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