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Creativity means many things to many people.

What is the Creative Economy?

The Creative Economy is about building livelihoods around creative work - an emerging type of employment focused on creativity in which people are paid to 'think' and create.

Although it includes the arts, it may also include scientists, entrepreneurs, engineers, information technologists, and farmers.

There is opportunity for growth of the creative economy in rural area, which often posses strong cultural and natural assets.

Food, for example, can offer opportunities in the creative economy. In the food and agricultural industry, this would mean:

  1. high quality production
  2. products related to place (ie. connected to local culture and community)
  3. a large diversity of smaller enterprises rather than one large employer

In rural Ontario we saw that small communities practiced creativity in a variety of ways in their economic development. They welcomed new immigrants, invited youth to help make decisions, preserved heritage buildings, and turned the old into the new.

Some small communities looked even further into their creative abilities and planned their entire economy around creativity. This is called the Creative Economy and is a new way to look at economic development.



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